Reflections on Jeremiah 13:1-11 —

A belt that does not hold up your pants
worn with age
broken buckle
cracked leather
is totally worthless

The proud Christian
who refuses to study, ponder, and honor God’s words
who callously writes it off as too difficult or not applicable
who gives equal weight to books, trends, and conventional wisdom
this one, too, is totally worthless

We were made to cling to Him
as a belt clings to the waist of a man

a desperate cry for strength
a quiet longing for His words
a listening ear
clinging hands
and a waiting heart

These things make a man of God
A man of renown



One comment

  1. […] The church in general could use more desperate Christians.  We love Him.  We praise Him.  We go to church, attend small groups, give money, do good stuff.  But do we cling to Him, like the belt in God’s analogy in Jeremiah 13? (see Cling). […]


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