Joanna is a wildflower, standing tall in the prairie


Blooms of crystalline sky blue

Contrasted against the dull landscape

Creative, intuitive, and industrious

Beautiful eyes, an enchanting smile

An unpredictable, playful demeanor


A thorny stem

Sharp to the touch

Expressing opinion without fear

Despising hypocrisy and shallowness

Not to be contained


Waving in the wind

A life filled with irony

Loving and hating the firm hand

Confident, yet uncertain at the same time

Longing for an embrace, yet quick to flee


You are more than meets the eye

Befriending the sincere

Seeing past the exterior, to the heart

and loving people for who they are

You are most blessed of the Lord


He has planted you to blossom

He will bend you with strong gusts

He will test you with drought

May your roots reach deep in fertile soul

May your flower bloom with brilliant colors



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