My Soulmate

A poem in celebration of our 25th wedding anniversary, August 5, 2014 —

(by Glenn Schillinger, for Michele Schillinger)  —

My soulmate is a lovely one
My joy and a delight
She satisfies my longings
and kisses me goodnight

Flat-line winds on our wedding day
A candle burned the alter
But through it all, I said “I do”
and my love for you won’t falter

We were both the youngest
of those our mothers birthed
When one of us was hungry, we starved
while waiting to be served

As a mother, no one can compare
You stand above the rest
The essence of what a mother should be
My kids and I are blessed

When there were two we had our hands full
With the third, life was no bore
Then came four and we pulled our hair out
and cried, “Four and no more”!

Yet homeschooling moms said to us,
“You surely are not done”,
So, we became a basketball team
With four on the floor plus one

Hypertension after number five
caused significant concern
Nonetheless we had another —
It was Gina’s turn

You like to teach them in our home
I think you do it well,
Harvard may not be their place
But they’re happy, I can tell!

When we want to make a purchase
You’re quick to see it through
But if we add another pet, my love,
This house will be a zoo

Emerald are your beautiful eyes
Lovely is your frame
Though I am an imbecile
You love me just the same

So sing with me on our special day
For 25 years ago
I asked this girl to marry me
and I want the world to know….I love Michele


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