Who is on the Center Stage?

Reflections on Ephesians 2:8-9 and 3:10-11 —


Man is on the center stage, if there is “free will”

Look at the faithful man

who chose the Lord over the frivolities of life

Praise him, for he chose nobly and wisely

Let the audience sing the praise of this valiant one!

God is good, but the play goes on without His lead

Characters play their part, and by chance, derive the plot

In the end, it is the man who chooses God that takes the bow.


If it is God’s will, let Him be praised

Let the audience marvel at His wisdom

Let them appreciate the development of the plot

for He demonstrated His great love,

showing mercy on some, loving them despite their sin

He conducts the play, letting the evil have their day

but in the end, He saves His appointed ones

Let Him take the bow before the roaring applause.




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