Mr. Personality

Here are a couple of quotes from my son, Joel, in honor of his 18th birthday.  Happy birthday, Joel!  Love ya so much!


Uncle Doug: “What does J-O-E-L spell?”

Joel (age 4): “Trouble!”

Joel (then age 3), after being asked to finish his corn dog:  “I didn’t really ask for this dog food.”

Michele: “Joel, you’re precious!”

Joel (then age 2): “Yeah, and I’m fun!”

“You’re as cool as Yoda” — Joel (then age 6) to his sister, Jessica on her birthday card

Joel (then age 7) at his medical checkup…

Doctor: “Do you eat vegetables?”

Joel: “What are vegetables?”

Doctor: “Do you eat fruit?”  

Joel: “No way!”

Doctor: “Do you brush your teeth?”  

Joel: “Nope.”

Doctor:  “Buddy, you’ve got some really bad habits.  Anything else I should know?”  

Joel: “I smoke.”

Doctor: [no reaction]

Joel: “…cigars.”

Doctor: “O really?  Do you buy those yourself or does your Mom get them for you?”

Joel: “I steal them”

Doctor: [no reaction]

Joel: “…from mom’s purse.”

As we’re driving past a construction zone with Joel, then age 7…

Joel: “Guess what I wanna be when I grow up?”

Mom: “A pastor?”

Joel: “No, I wanna be one of those guys that holds the STOP sign.”

Mom: [silence]

Joel: “MOM!  Those guys are important too!”

Mom: [silence]

Joel: ‘OK, OK–I’ll go to church to be the pastor after I hold the STOP sign.”

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