Freshly Mowed

It’s about to snow here; a typical late October in Iowa where Fall abruptly changes into Winter. I thought a little summertime scene might make us all feel a little warmer.

This is the view from the edge of the raspberry bushes on my in-laws’ farm in Laurel, Iowa.  I’m looking out toward the cornfield on the right, the old red barn, and an apple tree on the left. Just beyond them is the little league baseball field. Above them, the puffy white clouds dance across the sky like cotton balls. 

The yard is freshly mowed, carefully groomed by my father-in-law. The aroma of newly cut grass fills the air.  It is hot and sunny. 

If you would like to escape another cold, Iowa winter, you’re welcome to join me and stare at this picture, and imagine yourself in a warmer time and place.  


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