The World is His Song

A poetic argument against the concept of “free will”, using a number of verses tell otherwise.


Does God control everything?

Surely not, you claim.


Surely I can do as I please.

Surely free will do I own.

Surely the ways of the world run their course.

Surely the choice is my own.


God would not afflict. The cancer unplanned.

The long suffering of believers, not His.

For how could a God who loves so much

Cause suffering and our prayers dismiss?


O man, have you heard, have you seen His decrees?

Are you so certain you know the way?

Look closely and see, read and believe

The truth is not quite the same.


The world is His song, His artwork, His play.

And we are the actors below.

The rulers have gathered in heavenly places

Invited to view the grand show. — Ephesians 3:10


The heavens are telling the glory of God — Psalm 19:1

The world, and all it contains. — Psalm 24:1

All that happens leads to the end

The conclusion that He has ordained. — The Revelation


Then His glory will be known.

The audience amazed. 

This world is not here for us to maintain

but for His greatness displayed.


Be not presumptuous, do not believe

You made the choice yourself.

The heart cannot make so noble a call.

For it is in love with itself.


You say we must “receive”

that the choice is up to us.

But “receive” is what believers do

New birth is up to God. — John 1:12-13


Can flesh decide on such heavenly things

And direct the way which it goes?

Like wind in the trees is the way of the spirit

Its mind the flesh cannot know. — John 3:8, I Corinthians 2:14


By grace are you saved by faith,

A thing you cannot do yourself — Ephesians 2:8-9

In the exercise of His glorious will

It was Him who brought us forth — James 1:18, I Corinthians 1:29-31


We don’t come to Jesus, cross the line;

It is God who does that deed — John 6:37-39

He drags and draws us to the cross — John 6:44

The place where Christ did bleed 


Did He not know at beginning of time

Which souls would be His art? — Romans 8:28-30

For by this truth He sets Himself apart:

He knows the end at the start. — Isaiah 46:9-10


In your business be not arrogant

to assume you’re determining life’s course.

You’re but a vapor, blown in the wind

Moved to and fro by the source. — James 4:13-16


Do not believe you can save your own child

Your parenting skills the best

For the souls of men are His alone

Through Him the child will find rest. — Ezekiel 18:1-4


Do not doubt when sickness sets in

Brought on to tell the story

For lameness and blindness come with His permission

Suffering to display His great glory — John 9:1-3


With leprosy, the hand of Moses white

But then again, it was not

With sores on flesh, He gave Satan the right

Though relief poor Job had sought — Job 1-2


Torn was his coat and thrown in the pit

His brothers smeared on the blood

Yet in the end did Joseph understand

That God meant it for good — Genesis 50:19-20


Pharoah’s heart was hardened, now was that so fair? — Romans 9:17-18

Mere man would say it was wrong

But if it were not for Pharoah’s hard heart

Miriam would not have her song. 


And King Nebuchadnezzar had no intention

To teach God’s people a lesson

But God clearly confesses He used this great man

To be a refiner of men — Jeremiah 6:27


He speaks and it hails — Psalm 148:8, draws wind from His barn, — Jeremiah 10:13

Owns the cattle on a thousand hills — Psalm 50:10

He tells the small worm the plant he should eat — Jonah 4:7

The great storm His calm word does bestill. — Mark 4:39


He makes the ass speak — Numbers 22:28, five thousand He fed — Matthew 16:9

The water He turned into wine — John 2:7-10

Is there anything too hard for Thou to take on?

The molecules even are Thine.


So do you now see, O man that’s so free, 

the greatness of our Lord’s control?

Or do you presume to hold sway on the One

Who makes the wind and waves roll?


Think what you may, make your plans now today — Proverbs 16:1,9

But be open to His delay

For only God controls the outcome of life

And knows the extent of our days — Psalm 90:12, 139:16

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